Fairly straight forward project. There is many plans widely available on-line with some ideas of how to make one. After viewing several of them I noticed that most of them are build on wooden frame. Wood is a great and easy building material. But... We live in UK and weather plays a massive role. (rotting wood & need of maintenance, painting etc.) Hence I decided to accommodate aluminum frame instead. Greenhouse frame in this instance. I researched the minimum foot area needed for 3 chickens to live happily. Then cut the alloy greenhouse frame to required size as it was a lot bigger than we needed.

Coop is suspended half way up the frame to allow some shade and rain cover for hens. House is made from recycled pallet wood and screwed to the frame with some support leftover from greenhouse.

Last stage was putting some chicken netting from Amazon to protect them from foxes and ferrets. Yes we had both coming for a sniff already! But netting prevented them from kill and no eggs were stolen neither.

  • Client: Private household
  • Builder: Handyman York
  • Time to complete: Three days
  • Project budget: £250
  • Location: York
  • Category: Installation, chicken run, chicken coop, pallet wood, greenhouse